Energy Artistry
with Tricia Carr

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About Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr is currently studying with the University of Metaphysics, pursuing the degree of Doctor of Divinity, D.D., specializing in Spiritual Healing. She graduated from Advanced Mediumship with the Los Angeles School of Spiritual Development. Tricia is a Certified Fairyologist and Certified Realm Reader, and has also taken courses with Caroline Van Kimmenade and Crystal Anne Compton.

Trician hosts a weekly live broadcast called Charmed Life with Tricia Carr. On her show, she welcomes expert guest hosts to discuss spirituality, wellness, metaphysics and the unconditional love of the Universe!  Charmed Life episodes are archived as a podcastand on YouTube where you’ll find other teaching videos. 
Tricia is also a writer. She is authoring several books about spirituality and animals and nature. 

When Tricia is not working, she spends her time trail running, playing tennis, cooking and loving her animals and husband (not necessarily in that order!).