Spirituality & Prosperity
with Ande Anderson

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Say Goodbye to Money Struggles, and Hello to a Life of Prosperity and Financial Freedom! Watch AVAIYA’s brand new free film series, The Truth About Prosperity. AVAIYA is the creator of several films including A Course in Miracles The Movie, The Tao of Quantum Physics, Leap! A Quantum Awakening, and many more. In The Truth About Prosperity film series, Founders of AVAIYA, iKE ALLEN and Ande Anderson, reveal a Revolutionary Process to help you finally breakthrough your limiting thoughts and beliefs around money, in order to Manifest True Prosperity. In the film, some of the most admired prosperity experts of our time share their most cutting-edge strategies on how to create a life of financial freedom, like Joe Vitale, Jennifer McLean, Bob Proctor, Emmanuel Dagher, Riley Dayne, Dawn Clark, Kari Samuels, Dana Wilde...and many more! And no matter what your current financial situation is...whether making money has never come easy to you, whether you've been successful manifesting SOME money in your life, but not enough to be truly financially free, or whether you've successfully manifested large amounts of money in your life, but not consistently…you’re not going to want to miss a minute of this FREE film series!

About Ande Anderson

Ande Anderson, MS, RD, is the co-founder of AVAIYA (www.AVAIYA.com), and The Truth About Prosperity Coaching. AVAIYA creates positive films and courses such as The Truth About Prosperity, MPower: Empowering Women in Business & Beyond, The Tao of Quantum Physics, A Course in Miracles The Movie, and more. Ande is a professional speaker, seminar leader and coach, guiding people to discover and pinpoint the thoughts & beliefs that stop them from achieving whatever level of financial success they’re looking to achieve, and take inspired actions to create the results and quality of life they’ve always dreamed of.