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About Alison

Alison Leela, CRMP, RYT, is an Energy Healer & Empowerment Coach seeking to help you step fully into your power so you may live your most fulfilling and purposeful life. In overcoming more than one “dark night of the soul,” Alison has learned how to identify her own limiting beliefs and powerfully break through them so that she may be of greater service to the world.

Alison will help you to uncover and clear blocks that have been getting in the way of you shining your light and sharing your gifts with humanity. There is no time to waste - the world needs your love now!

Alison, originally from Maryland, now lives in Austin, Texas with her beloved cat, Mau Mau. She is committed to a vegan lifestyle, loves travel, and takes advantage of living in the live music capital of the world whenever she can!

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